{ Gabriel Fontes }

Curriculum Vitae

My interests in computing include free software, distributed systems, software engineering, reproducibility, DevOps, CI/CD, and development tooling.

I started out with Linux, service hosting, programming, and design as a teenager, and have never stopped. I currently contribute to a few free software projects, some of them of my own creation. My technologies of choice nowadays include Rust, Haskell, Lua, PostgreSQL, Nix(OS), Docker, and Terraform.

Most of my professional experience consists of development processes, build systems, infrastructure, and backend development. I also have experience with UI/UX, as well as (web and graphical) design.

I’ve recently completed my Bachelor of Computer Information Systems degree at University of São Paulo, but plan on sticking around for grad school as well.

Outside of computing, I enjoy reading, playing the keyboard, snuggling with my pets, and speaking about things I’m passionate about. I love learning new things and teaching what I know to others.


Computer Information Systems (2020-2022)

University of São Paulo, Institute of Mathematics and Computer Sciences.

USP is considered to be Brazil’s most prestigious university, and is frequently ranked the top university in Latin America.

I’ve studied different areas in computing, and gained a lot of hard and soft skills. Subjects I’ve particularly enjoyed include Software Engineering, Software Testing, Databases, and Operating Systems.

I’m one of the founding members and current leader at our Open Source & Free Software extracurricular group.

Industry experience

Zoocha (2023-present)

Zoocha is a software agency, specially focused on Drupal development.

DevOps Engineer (2020-2023)

U-Get is a startup that pioneered a computer vision-based vending machine system. The system is able to recognize and bill customers based on what they grab from a simple machine (a fridge, for example), avoiding expensive mechanisms present in traditional vending machines.

Our team built our systems from the ground up - including mobile apps, fleet management and billing systems; leveraging Cloud of Things technologies. I mostly work with declarative infrastructure, deployments, databases, and service architecture; I’ve championed development cultural changes, making me the person in charge of CI/CD, git repositories, and cloud infrastructure.

Communication Intern (2020-2020)

EVAG. A temporary job during Brazilian 2020 municipal elections, I’ve built campaign websites for multiple candidates. The job involved working closely together with the candidates, and making their requirements into actual websites in a short timespan.

Open Source Experience


Flavours is a command line tool I created to aid in managing and applying base16 color schemes to different programs a person uses. This allows for consistent theming that can be easily changed (after setting it up once), and works specially well for software with text-based configuration files. It is quite popular, with 300+ stars on GitHub.

Nix ecosystem

Nix is a build and deployment tool based on functional programming concepts, such as immutability. It allows for highly reproducible packaging, as well as fully declarative Linux systems through NixOS.

I’m a very active member in the community. Besides contributing with packages and modules, I’ve also created a couple relatively popular projects for the ecossystem:

Other contributions

As I prefer to use open source tools, I frequently hack on them to add a feature I want or fix a bug; usually upstream the results as PRs. Thanks to this, I know my way around codebases written on different languages.