{ Gabriel Fontes }

About me

Hey 👋, my name is Gabriel. I’m a brazilian programmer, designer, and activist. Welcome to my little cozy web corner!


I’m interested in FLOSS, Distributed Systems, Software Engineering, and Functional Programming. Mainly working with Linux, Rust, Haskell, Postgres, Nix.

I’ve been into computers, science and math since I was little. I love Linux, Free Software, CLI programs, and design.

Outside of computing, I’m a huge fan of space and science fiction genres (games, books, artwork). Currently reading the Dune book series!

I love animals (I have five cats and a dog), the planet, and the people who live in it.


I’m working towards a Computer Science M.Sc. degree at University of São Paulo’s Institute of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, under the Software Engineering Lab. My current research is around Software Engineering topics within Open Source projects. I currently lead our institute’s FLOSS student group, GELOS.


Some of my current tools of choice are: NixOS, Hyprland, Neovim, NeoMutt.