{ Gabriel Fontes }

About me

Hey 👋, my name is Gabriel. I’m a brazillian programmer, designer, and activist. Welcome to my little web corner!

I’m currently working on my Bachelor of Information Systems degree at University of São Paulo’s Institute of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, as a developer at UGet, and on a couple personal projects.

I’m interested in FLOSS, Distributed Systems, Software Engineering, and Functional Programming. Mainly working with Linux, Rust, Postgres, Nix, Python, and C/C++.

Tech and design

I’ve been into computers, science and math since I was little. I love Linux, Free Software, CLI programs, and design.

I enjoy working with modern and productive programming languages, strong typing and high performance are always nice to have.

My current tools of choice are: NixOS, SwayWM, Neovim, Qutebrowser, NeoMutt.

Other stuff

I’m a huge fan of space and science fiction genres (games, books, artwork).

I love animals (I have five cats and a dog), the planet, and the people who live in it.