My git repos

Source code for some of my projects. Want to contribute a patch? Send me an email or open up a PR on the github mirrors.

ICTexts for my scientific initiation
ModpackMeu modpackzinho
aoc2022My haskell attempt on AoC 2022
capituloChapter for professor Monaco's Open Source Business book
flavoursAn easy to use base16 scheme manager6 weeks
nix-colorsModules and functions to make theming with nix awesome
nix-configMy pretty nice nixos and home-manager configs
nix-starter-configSimple config templates to help you get started with nix
orgMy orgmode files
paste-misterio-meSimple pasting service
scgitcgit fork focused on providing semantic HTML pages7 weeks
sep0566Files for my 2022/2 economy classes
websiteMy personal website and blog